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Mardi Gras Beats Pediatric Cancer Needs Your Support!

Asclepius | Mardi Gras Beats Pediatric Cancer fulfills a vital role in the psychological support of children living with cancer and support for the entire family.  We can help bring children and their families to New Orleans all expenses paid annually.  These trips will allow for families to leave some burdens behind for a week and be a family enjoying life. Funds needed are contributed by generous individuals like you, corporations, and foundations.


Please support our work and efforts to make sure these pediatric oncology patients experience a vital part of the New Orleans cultural fabric!




To mail your contribution, please send it to :


100 Kennedy Dr. 

Gretna, LA 70053


All contributions are tax-deductible and donor acknowledgement letters will be mailed.

EIN: 82-4537794

For more information contact

Lou Bartolo

Phone: (504) 616-5943 


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